Friday, July 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

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I have finally gotten approval for a new insulin pump! This has been a long road. I was on one, but upgraded to a new one & then had issues with my insurance company paying so I had to go off it & back to dreaded daily shots.

My new one will look like this:
And similar to this when wearing it:

(not my real stomach)

This is a newer version of what I used to have all those years ago. I'm very excited & it should arrive mid-next week.

I fed our chickens whole ears of corn last night. I had bought them last week & never got a chance to cook them. Instead of tossing them all in the compost pile I fed them three that were a little dried out but not nasty yet. When I went to put them in the coop last night, all three ears were picked clean! I think I've found a new treat for them. I love feeding them "treats" - they adore bread & pizza crust but those are given sparingly. Lettuce is another huge favorite.

The boys are still enjoying swimming lessons. Although, I gave them the choice to skip on Wednesday as it was still rainy & cold. The high was 59 degrees - in JULY! Yesterday it was great though - about 70 degrees and sunny for a change! The only problem now is that all the mosquitoes are hatching. It was a tad buggy there yesterday.

I'm also enjoying swimming lessons. No, not because I am swimming, but because I get to sit on the beach & chat with friends while all of our kiddos are in the water. And the really cool part? B opted out of lessons this year so he stays home (he's weeks away from turning 13) and does chores & schoolwork. I come home to a clean house. What's better than that?? He still gets a chance to take his daily walk with Great-Grandpa while we're gone too.

I realized the other day after I had cleaned out the chicken coop & weeded my garden that I am actually liking where we live a lot. Way more than I have in the past. I truly love living here. I love the isolation of it. I love that we have great-grandpa & grandparents just across the driveway. I truly just love it.

It's been raining a lot here in Maine this year. June was our rainiest month in a very long time. It's been cause for celebration yesterday & today to see the sun & have a 0% chance of precipitation. I'm enjoying because the next five days the rain will be back.

One of the first things hubby added to our trailer when we moved here almost five years ago, was a screened in porch. It's certainly come in handy lately with all the rain. Our grill is out there along with a table & chairs. It makes for a wonderful spot to sit & enjoy the summer - minus the bugs!


  1. Lisa, I would love living in a situation like that as well EXCEPT for the cold weather. 59° in July? No way!

  2. Lisa,
    Mike and I have spoken several times about moving out into the country. It seems as though things wouldn't be simple, but simplified. The other day I watched a Little House on the Prairie Marathon and got the hankerin' for an adventure! Glad you are enjoying your summer!

  3. I think I'd love Maine in July! Not so much in February, though :)
    I'm a non-extreme weather lover, so those mild summer temps sound beautiful! And any place that can boast of grandparent's across the street automatically wins for best location.

  4. 59 degrees in July? Wow.

    Stopped over from Conversion Diary. Glad I did. I grew up with chickens on our property; this brought back some memories. :)

  5. YEA! So glad you were able to get a new pump!

  6. It's so exciting about your insulin pump!!!!!!!!

    Brrrr about swim lessons in the rain, this week should be better!

    Only Tristan still takes lessons of my kids, his start in a week. I hope summer will actually be set in properly by then. Who knows this year!

    So cute about the chickens and the whole corn.

  7. So pleased to hear about the insulin pump which I've been praying about for so long, Lisa!!!!!

  8. Congrats on the new pump! What an answer to prayer!


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