Friday, April 6, 2007

Turning Six on April Sixth

The Birthday Boy!

My middle son turned six years old today. He has been counting down the days since about last fall I think. He is just so excited about this day.

This past fall he taught himself how to ride a bike (there's a previous post about that feat!) so Daddy felt a brand new bike was in order. He picked one out last night & brought it home. We presented it to N this morning as soon as everyone was up. He thought it pretty cool. We did just get 16 inches of snow so it will be a bit longer before he can ride it around here. We may head over to the local elementary school at some point so he can ride around the parking lot.

He as my constant shadow for a lot of the day as he wanted to know when his cake was going to be ready. Is it done yet? Is it frosted yet? When are my guests going to be here? Who is coming? Is it time yet? You know, the usual barrage of questions from a new six year old.

The lucky boy is going to get two cakes. I had planned to make a train cake. Well, let me rephrase that. I was going to bake the cake & my MIL was going to take the three hours necessary to frost it! The plan was for me to make it yesterday & my MIL was going to frost it last night. However, we lost our power due to all the snow (did I mention we got SIXTEEN inches yesterday???) & I never had a chance to bake it so my MIL couldn't frost it. I convinced N that I would make a plain old cake for tonight & my MIL is going to make the train one for Sunday dinner. I think it will work. N doesn't seem to mind so that was good.

Tonight we had my in-laws over, my hubby's grandfather, & our family friends who live down the street. N was pretty happy with all his "guests." He showed off his bike to everyone. He loved all his presents - well the clothes didn't go over well but he really did need them! He liked the transformer & the money. Tomorrow I'll be treating him to lunch at McDonald's & then taking him to spend his loot. He's pretty psyched.

This present is from Uncle R. The wrapping
"paper" are drawings from his work -
he's an architect - and highlighters for color.


  1. I didn't realize that N and Hannah were so close in age! I knew that J and Scotty were close...

    Happy 6th Birthday N!!! Hannah says Happy, Happy to you too!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Soon all this horrid snow will be gone and he can use his present to zip around the yard.


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