Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Nature Walks

My guys

I've been trying to get out every day with the boys. It helps them burn off energy & helps me with my weight loss goal. A win-win situation I think. I'm also trying to get them to notice nature more - look at the things around them. I take my camera & try to get some photos taken as well. Here are some from today:

B heading back down the hill we all just walked up.

Okay, I may be getting a bit obsessive about this....another woodpecker tree.

Oh, look - another one!!!!! LOL

We saw this really large downed tree that had been hollowed out. N thought it was pretty cool & let me take a photo of him.

This one is right up the street from us. It's not a hole but a huge slash. Pretty neat.

THAT'S how big the slash is!


  1. Nice trees (LOL). I hope to start getting out with my kids one of these days. DD will graduate 2 weeks from tomorrow and *THEN* I hope things will slow down a bit (LOL)...

  2. Oh, Lisa, my ds would love for me to walk every day. I wimp out whenever it's either below 50 or the wind blows--at all.

    I'm looking forward to getting out more with him this summer, when I'm not jumping to get school done first thing in the morning.

  3. I love your photos. They are great. I wish there was a place where I could go for nature walks everyday. What a blessing!

  4. Wonderful views you have.

    Oh I miss those days of nature walks! (Mine are too big now.) They learn so much from them, and not just in terms of nature knowledge but also an appreciation for God's creation!


  5. wow, that IS a huge slash. Those birds are amazing, aren't they? Except for the dumb one at my MIL's house...who thinks the metal soffit on the house is eventually going to give way to his 6:00 a.m. pecking. Doesn't sound quite so charming when it's tap-tap-tapping on METAL at THAT hour!!!!


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