Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Weekend So Far

I'm never sure what is going to happen during Memorial Day weekend except for one thing - my hubby leaves either Friday night or Saturday & I won't see him again until Monday at some point. Since I was very pregnant with our first son 11 years ago he has gone on a hike during Memorial Day weekend. Last year was the first time he missed - that was so we could have an interment ceremony for his Grandmother who had died the previous year. He hasn't done a lot of hiking since we moved back home. He's been busy building additions on our trailer & doing renovations here. To say he loves it all would probably be an understatement.

This year he has done two day hikes. He left on Saturday morning with B in tow. Sometimes it's just him & a buddy, sometimes a rather large group. This time he took our oldest along. One buddy & one of his daughters came up Friday night & joined them for the whole hike. My hubby's sister & her hubby joined them on Saturday. They'll be home sometime on Monday.

So what have I been doing???

Saturday morning I headed down to my sister's. She lives about an hour south of me. I brought N & J with me. I have a buddy photography business. Whenever I do a wedding, my sister comes along as my assistance. So that was what we were doing on Saturday! My BIL thankfully watched the two younger boys for me. My hubby was gone as was my MIL - her & my FIL had headed to their camp for the weekend on Friday. I was a little bit panicked there for a bit, but my BIL offered to watch my two boys along with his son. That actually ended up going well as J slept for about 3-1/2 of the four hours he had them. ::big grin::

The wedding was beautiful. This is only the fourth one I've done for pay, but I've done about a dozen as gifts for friends. The faith displayed here though - it was wonderful to be a witness to it. The minister did a talk on how a marriage is to be - with a long discussion on submitting & loving each other. Not something seen all that often these days.

Unfortunately, I won't be posting photos as the bride asked me not to put them on the Internet. I'll be heading down to my sister's again this week to get them developed. There is a photography store near her which is what I use for any professional jobs. They generally do them in a day so I'll go drop them off, go visit my sister, & then pick them up on the way home. Can't beat that!

Today the boys & I headed for church this morning. J always has fun in the toddler nursery but he has started sitting with us some upstairs. I took him down when they dismissed the younger children for children's church - which N enjoys going to.

After church I stopped off for a quick grocery trip. I generally do my shopping on Monday so on Sunday, the cupboards are a bit bare. I don't do any big cooking when my hubby is gone as the boys are content with just sandwiches or other quick things.

The afternoon seemed to go well. The boys had a good time & J took another long nap. He's just getting over a cold. He had a fever earlier in the week, runny nose, cranky - general run of the mill cold stuff. Tonight - just before bed - I noticed that N was sitting on the couch quietly - my first clue - and his cheeks were bright red. Yup - he's got the fever now too.

I gave him some Motrin, some water, & some cuddles. About 10 minutes after I gave him the Motrin, he zonked out. I was close to bedtime so I put J to sleep & then tucked N in on the couch. He's snoring away while I type. I'm praying it doesn't last long & that he sleeps well tonight. Sick kids are no fun - although I'm sure they aren't having much fun either.

Tomorrow we were suppose to go watch a parade - somewhere - and then head over to my parents house for dinner & a visit. Not sure if that is going to happen now. I called to tell her that N was sick so I guess we'll just wait & see how he feels in the morning.


  1. You are SO brave to photograph weddings. I don't think I could handle the stress of what ifs... (LOL)... what if my batter runs out, my flash does something weird, or my memory stick goes bonkers (LOL)! I did photograph a co-workers wedding once years ago but she assured me that anything I took would be great and they had no expectations.... I was still stressed (LOL)! She had seen my photos and photo albums and really wanted me to do it. Way to turn your photography hobby into a home business.

  2. That is exciting! What kind of camera's or camera do you use?

  3. Thanks, Cynthia! It is a bit stressful. I do this with a FILM camera too!!! That is a bit hard, but I just can't do an affordable SLR digital...yet! I'm always nervous until I get back the photos. :-)

    Emily - I have a Cannon EOS Rebel SLR camera - for film use. My hubby, sister, BIL, & Mom all chipped in & got me a Nikon point & shoot digital for my birthday. I use that for general everyday stuff. I use my SLR film for when I want really good photos. :-) I still can't get the same quality with my digital, but I'm working on it. :-)


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