Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So Far This Week

  • Got up & made myself do my 2 mile walking video. Didn't want to but felt better after I did it.
  • Headed to my parents for a cook-out & visit.
  • Swung by Wal-Mart on the way (well, not really, went 30 minutes in the opposite direction as there is NOTHING "on the way" to my parents) to pick up a hanging flower for my Mom as a belated Mother's Day gift
  • Visited for a bit - hung out with both my sisters for a change (I'm one of five kiddos). My younger sister took all the nephews for a ride on my Mom's "Gator" which they LOVED. Ate lots of good food. Chatted. Had fun.
  • Got home to find Hubby & B back from their hiking trip - and my kitchen trashed from their lunch cook-out. I do love him -seriously! LOL
  • Cleaned up kitchen, hung out together, it was nice.


  • Began the day putting J in "real" undies. He wasn't impressed.
  • Forced myself to do the 2 mile walking video again.
  • Changed two wet set of clothing but I think J's starting to get it.
  • Put him down for his nap.
  • Headed out 3:00 to get groceries & to meet my MIL for help to buy a new bike!!!
  • Did Wal-Mart groceries.
  • Met up with MIL & went back in to Wal-Mart. Tried 3 bikes out & found a keeper. A Schwinn. Good price. Rides like a DREAM! My last bike was found in a dumpster at my FIL's work. Needless to say this new one works MUCH better!
  • Went to the grocery store with kids & MIL. She willingly took them with her on her rounds. I got to shop alone. Bliss.
  • Got home - put groceries away & made dinner.
  • MIL came over & watched boys so I could try out new bike. Bliss. LOL Went the full six miles, but almost had to bail due to a really low blood sugar. Able to get it up with glucose tabs & slowly headed home. Successfully managed to ride almost all the way UP our driveway (1/4 mile UP hill) on the new one. Usually I manage 10 feet. Love it.
  • Hubby got home late. Watched a little TV & went to bed early.


  • Got up way to early with J. Made breakfast (Donut muffins - yum!).
  • After breakfast & Bible study crawled back to bed.
  • Chatted with hubby while he finished getting ready. Went back to sleep.
  • Slept WAY later than normal. No exercise - yet.
  • Put J back in undies today. Still not overly impressed.
  • Hung out. Played on PC. Boys played outside until the rain started.
  • J woke up from nap dry (in a Pull-Up). Sat on potty for four stories. Nothing. Back in undies.
  • About 30 minutes later J back on potty for another few stories. Nothing.
  • About 30 minutes later he comes to tell me he "has to go potty!" We run to bathroom. He looks a little wet but wants to stand by "big potty, Mommy!" SUCCESS!!!!! Much celebration to be had in bathroom this afternoon. High 5's handed out. :-) He may end up being the easiest one yet!!!
  • Spotted a robin's nest that we can sort of see outside the bathroom window.
  • Rainy day - a game of Settler's will be happening tonight. Fun.


  1. we're working on it too...ugh...potty training stinks (literally AND figuratively, lol) when the trainee is uninterested. You're training J standing up? Maybe I could try that...but the stool we have is TOO TALL for that...guess we will work more on the sitting

  2. SHEW - what a week.

    Good luck with the potty training - I do think that may be my least favorite phase of parenting to date. ::snort::


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