Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kickball Fun

I received a call a few days ago about getting together with some of the local homeschooling families about playing kickball. It certainly sounded like a whole lot more fun than doing table work! So we headed off this morning to meet up with everyone. They all live about 30 minutes away, but then again, I live about 30 minutes away from just about anything - at least.

The kids had a great time. We managed to get in a rousing game before we had to leave and before it got too warm. Some of the moms played & some of us sat & chatted. We're hoping it do it more often.

B giving it a good whack.

N's turn at it.

There were four other families there, but they asked me not to post photos of their kiddos here. So I'm just posting photos of my three guys.

J's just hanging out & playing with me & the other babies that were there.
N's got that outfield covered!!!! :-)


  1. It's always more fun to go outside than sit at the table!

  2. Flexibility is key when you homschool!

    Green grass, fresh air, healthy exercise...what more could you want?


  3. WHAT FUN! The green trees are a sight for sore eyes too. LOL


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