Friday, July 20, 2007

I Got It!!!

After a long nine months of back & forth, my insurance company FINALLY approved my new insulin pump!!!! It's been a study in frustration at times, but I'm so thankfully it's finally done. Above is a photo of what I will be getting in the near future. It's the newest insulin pump on the market & it's "wireless" or rather "tube-less."

I have had my current pump for about five years now. It looks kind of like the one above. You can see the tube (barely) coming out of the left side of the photo near the bottom. The warranty is gone on it so if it breaks I'll have to go back to daily shots. The other hang-up it has is that every time I change the battery in it - about once a month - every single setting on it is cleared from all of my settings for insulin delivery right down to the date & time. ::sigh:: The first time I called customer support about this I was told it was a "nuisance alarm." Ya think! It has certainly annoyed me a time or two since last September!

I'm so thankfully that it was finally decided that my new pump is "medically necessary." Praise God!


  1. I am so pleased for you!

  2. So thrilled that you finally got this worked out, Lisa!

  3. Praise God, what thrilling news.


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