Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Story

I realized that while I posted yesterday about what my hubby & I did on our anniversary, I didn't post what I really wanted to - why I love this man.

  • He works 40+ hours a week so I can stay home with our boys.
  • He drives 1 hour each way (if he isn't away at a meeting) to get to said job.
  • He oftentimes has night meetings & never once complains about going to bed at 11pm & having to get up at 5:30am to get to work the next morning.
  • He's a jack-of-all-trades which is awesome. We never have to call out a repair man.
  • He loves me unconditionally - even when I do really stupid things & I've done my share in the last 14 years.
  • He's a great role model for his three boys.
  • He looks great in his goatee which he's had for years. Much better than when he used to shave it all off years ago!
  • He's 8 months younger ladies. I LOVE that he looks older than me. So does he -even though he kids me about being older all the time.
  • He can still tell you what I was wearing 15 years ago when we first met.
  • He writes me amazing poems every once in a while.
  • He can still surprise me & sets up wonderful dates & weekends for us. He's the ONLY one who can still surprise me like this.
We've been together now for 14 years - well closer to 15 now including the nine months we dated. I realized after I sent you all to our wedding post that I didn't really talk about how we met so I'll do that now.

My best friend basically set us up. I have known her since we were in fifth grade together. Our freshman year of college we were roommates. She ended up transferring to another school at the end of that year & I took a year off (long story). At the end of that year, I made plans to go back to school & she had this guy she wanted me to meet. I made plans to go down & spend the night in order to meet him & to go to Campus Crusade for Christ with all of them. I lived 50 miles from where I went to school & at that time I was commuting. Ugh.

So we met. I thought he was very cute & hoped things would work out. She had been talking his ear off about me as well. I was pretty bold with him, really not something I would normally do. I had a friend up visiting from Massachusetts & had to bring her back to the bus station. I called him up & asked if I could come visit. We ended up going out & hit it off really well. After only a couple dates I just knew this was the one for me. I just had to convince him of that! ::grin::

We dated all that year & really got to know each other really well. We had some ups & downs but really great to know each other well that year. Summer came & we ended up moving to his aunt's camp together. Not the best move but there it is. Shortly after this move we were talking one night & the idea of marriage came up so I simply said, "We should get married." After all, my reasons were, that we were living together - we needed to make it right in front of God & our families. His response was, "I was going to ask but I thought you'd say no!"

I wasn't a new Christian but I had just come back to the faith of my youth after a few years away. My hubby was a new Christian having just accepted Christ the year before. I knew we needed to be better examples. In just two months we had the wedding planned & accomplished. We finished our last year of college as a married couple. It wasn't the easiest thing we've ever did but we made it through & it made our relationship stronger.

Now 14 years later I think back to all those tough moments & think of how much stronger we are together. I also think about how much more I love him. Amazing isn't it?


  1. that top pic looks downright evil. Oh, and that's a nice list, but isn't there more? Like, stamina? ;) Okay, that wasn't nice... and I love you too, sweetness revealed.

  2. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Lisa, great post. I like that my dh looks older than me too, but I'd never tell HIM that, lol! (He's 6 weeks older.)

    And I love my dh's goatee too! However, I usually call it "that stuff on your face" which he does not really appreciate!!!!

    Isn't it great that it only gets better?! vbg

  4. Thanks for sharing your story.


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