Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Well, my hubby has finally caught up with me - age-wise that is - for a few weeks anyway. He's eight months younger than I am and absolutely LOVES to remind me of that fact. So almost eight months ago he wished me a "happy-birthday-half-way-to-seventy" sweet birthday wish. Well, today was HIS day to meet that particular milestone. (For all of those you read this & are members on SHS - THIS is what happens when you marry an get really weird mathematical greetings from time to time. I assure you that I would have NEVER thought of half-way to 70 on my 35th birthday - trust me!)

My hubby loves apple pie & lemon meringue pie and well, lots of other pies too, but those are his two favorites. His mom is a great pie maker/baker & willingly made him one of each of his favorites for his birthday.

The first year I made my hubby an apple pie instead of a cake (which does not happen often - me baking a pie that is), I put the candles in to the HOT pie. Ooops! I remembered this year & placed them in the lemon meringue. I didn't want to get the smoke detector going, so I only put in eight candles - in a group of 3 & 5. See that makes sense to me.

A willing helper to sit on your lap while everyone sings happy birthday to you helps. And said helper can also help get all those candles to go out!

I'm pretty sure my hubby had a great birthday. He wanted to spend the weekend at Camp in Moosehead - which we did. He wanted apple pie - which he got. He wanted lemon meringue pie too - which he also got. I gave him a Life is Good t-shirt of a guy climbing with his dog. He didn't ask for it, but he liked it. Overall it was a good day. Love you babe!


  1. My dh is six weeks older than I, and I milk that time for all that it's worth! ...except we are MANY years older than both of you, lol!

    (Does the word verification EVER work the first time?!)

  2. LOL.. when my dh turned 35 I told him he was 1/2 way to 70 as well.. I'm not an engineer, but I do think in numbers most of the time (LOL) so it was the first thing I thought of when he turned 35.. now of course I didn't want to think about that fact when *I* turned 35 (LOL).


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