Friday, August 31, 2007

What a Birthday!

Our oldest turned 11 on Monday. We have extended his birthday celebration out over a few day so I'm also going to extend out this blogging entries. I took a ton of photos & don't want to overwhelm the entries. After all, I'm still in the dark ages when it comes to the world wide web...I have ::gasp:: dial-up!

On the way home from our friends place on Saturday we stopped & let him pick out a brand new bike. I had blogged earlier in the spring about how he was finally able to overcome his fears & learn to ride a bike. The one he was riding we had bought him when he was about five or six. Needless to say he's done a bit of growing since then & the bike didn't really fit well.

B wanted one with gears and real brakes. :-) Here is what he ended up with & he loves it!


  1. Great new bike! What fun! Now you and B can get some rides in together.

  2. Oh, doesn't it sometimes seem like WE are really the ones who get the gift on our dc's bdays?!

  3. I remember the bike problems you mentioned awhile ago. How exciting that he's now riding a new one! And.. I'm so glad you take time to post pictures even with dialup! I know that must take FOREVER. It wasn't that long ago that we switched from dial up.


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