Wednesday, August 1, 2007

You Deserve a Break Today

Didn't that used to be the slogan for McDonald's? I know the new one is I'm Lovin' It (which is really weird in my oh-so-humble-opinion, but they didn't poll me on that one). I've been watching my boys plus my nephew & my sister's dogs for a few days while my BIL is in the hospital recovering. I decided that today we needed to get out & about. I know my BIL was going to be coming home, so I thought it a good time to get the boys out of their routine (fighting over toys, whining - you know - the usual) & head in to town to run some errands.

We started out going in to the photo developing store I use for any professional photos. Unfortunately, they had messed up an order I had dropped off at the end of last week while I was down. I went through them this morning & noticed that I hadn't received two copies of one photo. That seemed pretty easy to fix. The other issue was a bit harder. It was a roll of C-41 black & white film - which means they can develop it with color chemicals. I had wanted copies of about six photos on the roll. They were all wrong. Apparently, one should never trust the negative number printed on the photos - they could be wrong - mine were. My other big issue was missing negatives. The first five negatives from the roll were not there. No idea where they were but they weren't in my envelope. Thankfully all of the issues were fixed - free of charge & with a smile. Got to love that. That's one big reason I use this company - they are so friendly & professional.

Then we all headed back to the discount store I had gone to the day before. I was feeling slightly guilty over not buying my nephew a pair of knock-off Crocs. I had bought some for the two youngest since the oldest already had a pair. So in we trooped & got him a pair too - all were happier now.

Our final destation was Sam's Club. I know - nuts but I had to get some stuff for me & I don't drive the 1-1/2 hours needed to get there on a regular basis. Since my sister only lives about 30 minutes away, it makes sense to do this while I'm at her place. In we went & I have to say the boys did relatively well. We were even complimented while at the check-out. The woman in front of me told me I had "very nice boys, so well-behaved." To which my oldest son replied, "Most of the time anyway!" Hmm, wonder where he's heard that before? I did mention that I was only "renting" one of them & claimed ownership for three. LOL

By this point they were all dragging after me from stravation as I walked briskly out of the store. I took pity on them & headed to the closest McDonald's. Yes, it saved me from having to make lunch when we got home as well. Here are some pics of them all enjoying their lunch.

This is his "look happy!!!" smile.

Got to have chocolate milk and the straw to make it taste good.

Too cool to look at Mom.


  1. Love the "happy look". What a riot. You are so good to bring all the boys to Sams.

  2. The Happy Meal solution - my 5 yo was begging for it all day - maybe that is why I got the migraine....

  3. Our local Walmart has a McDonald's in it. I thought that was rather convenient (LOL). I'm like you regarding doing all you can while in town although I'm not as far away as you are... I only have a 40 minute drive not 1.5 hours like you mentioned.


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