Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little Piece of History

A favorite discovery of mine in the last year is Freecycle. This is where we found our dog Annie earlier this year. Basically they are Yahoo groups for your city or county or other region. People then post things they want to get rid of - always for free - thus the name. You can also post things you are looking for but various groups have different rules regarding this.

Last night a woman posted that she had a working laptop she was giving away. I immediately jumped on it as we are down on computers. The older model my oldest son has in his room to play games on had died more than a year ago. My desktop model died last fall. We only have my hubby's laptop to use right now. We're feeling a little computer poor. ::grin::

I was the first one to reply so I got it! Woo-Hoo!

As for the title...this appears to be one of the first laptops made. The manual was printed in 1995. There is no CD-rom drive. It has a 1.44 floppy drive. It does work & it even has Windows 95 on it. The z & s keys do not work on the keyboard. We have yet to get the external CD-rom player to work either. I think it may only be an audio CD player. The laptop isn't recognizing it. We'll have to work on it some more.

However, my 11 year old son is pretty happy with the fact that he has a computer to use as he wishes -well, within limits - but he won't have to wait for Mom to get off the computer for a turn at it. Since we haven't been able to get the CD-rom drive to work, he can't play any games on it either. Tonight he pulled up Word & started to do a journal - all on his own with no encouragement from me. I love it!

This is one happy kid!


  1. He does look pleased with himself!

  2. How cool! My dd loves her used laptop, even though the battery pack is dead (and too $$ to replace).

  3. Sweet! What a great find!


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