Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

This year for Thanksgiving we headed south to my sister's house. She has the largest place so it made the most sense to gather there. Of my four siblings, there were three of us there total. My oldest brother lives out in California. He was home last month but they only come east once a year. My youngest sister had to work. She works in assisted living houses for mental disabled adults. She was cooking dinner for them.

There were a lot of us at my sisters! My parents were there. My hubby & the boys & I were there. Obviously my sister, her husband & their son were there. ::grin:: My other brother was there with his new girlfriend & her two daughters. My sister's in-laws were there as well. One of my older nephews was also there as well as one of my nieces & her boyfriend. It was a full house with LOTS of food!

This photo was actually taken AFTER we all ate!

Did I mention there was a lot of food there? This is just the pie table!!! My favorite is the cherry pie which my mom made just for me. I refuse to tell you all how many pieces I ended up eating!!!

Whenever we have a family gathering there is a lot of laughing, talking & eating. Lots of eating. My sister roasted a turkey (very yummy!) plus my mom made her homemade rolls (to DIE for!). We had "dark" (oatmeal) & "white." My favorite are the dark rolls. There were all manners of veggies to round it out plus a little cranberry sauce for flavor & color.

I handed my hubby the camera AFTER we were all done eating & he was kind enough to snap some photos of all who were there including our older son pictured above & my niece pictured below. This is the niece that I am helping to homeschool this year.

Of course, if my hubby has the camera that means he has to take photos of me as well. This is probably the best of the ones he took of me & one of the only ones I didn't delete when I saw it! It's still not that great, but I was working at stripping down the turkey carcass & he caught me by surprise. Can you tell?

It was a great day with family. I ended up spending the night. I sent my hubby & the boys home. My sister & another friend of ours were planning a day full of shopping for Black Friday! I'm looking forward to it.


  1. WOW - look at all those pies. I can almost taste them. LOL

  2. Ooooh, pies! I like this Autumn Pie Tradition you guys have. I wonder if I can import it!{g}

  3. It is a nice pic of you, except for you're not smiling! Your niece looks a lot like you, same skin and eye colors. :)

    How wonderful, Lisa, to have your family around to help celebrate!

  4. Sounds like a GREAT day! I always look serious when I'm concentrating on something, too.


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