Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Virtual Thanks

Today is the last day of the 30 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge. I so enjoyed doing this. I hand wrote notes to most of my blessings & the last batch went out in the mail today.

However, there are a whole slew of "virtual" friends that I felt I needed to thank. Instead of tracking down snail mail addresses, I felt it was pretty appropriate to just publicly thank them here on my blog.

Many years ago, when I first figured out there was a whole virtual world out there, I discovered Yahoo groups. I joined one & found many others there with similar interests to mine. Many were scrapbooking fiends hobbyists like myself. I grew to know them over the years of doing swaps & chatting. Our group expanded & grew. I was even able to meet some of them IRL when I traveled to Pennsylvania for a weekend crop a few times (an 8 hour drive!). A couple years ago Deb & I started a smaller group of those who wanted a smaller group to connect with & wanted to discuss every day aspects of our lives. I include those favorite ladies as well.

So I want to thank Steph, Holly, Monica, Jodi, Deb, Sheri, Christa, Joanne, Linda Mac, Krysandra, Jen, Sharlene, & everyone else at the CSF & CWOLF groups I may have forgotten to mention by name (hmm, this is starting to sound like the Oscars or something! LOL)

Then about two years ago Deb told me about SHS - what a wonderful group that has turned out to be. There are so many great ladies on there. There is knowledge abounding about healthy eating/living, homeschooling, curriculum choices, Christ-like living, and so much more.

I hesitate to "name names" so I'm just going to thank everyone over at SHS. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thanks for being a blessing.

I thank my God every time I remember you. ~Philippians 1:3 (NIV)


  1. Thank you for including me. I've been feeling rather blue, and your post sure made me feel much better...there ARE people out there who care!

  2. Hey! Ya beat me to it! *wink* Just dropping by to say that the final 30 Days of Thanksgiving wrap-up has been posted:

  3. No way! You've only been on SHS for two years? I would have guessed you'd been there as long as I have. Are you sure? There are ladies who have been there five years that I still think of as "new." LOL

  4. Yes, Kristine, it is true. I've only been at SHS for about two years. I know I already had my youngest when I joined & I think it was just before I moved or just after. It may be closer to three years but it's no more than that. :-)

  5. I thought you had been on SHS longer than that! We're glad Debbie told you about us. I LOVE the loop!


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