Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photo Shoot

We had a nice fallish day here. I knew it would most likely be the last one considering how late in November we were getting & the fact that we'd already had two small snow "dustings." I decided not to waste another moment. I gathered up the boys & made them change their clothes in to something half-way decent. I did a face & hand check & out we went to do our photo shoot for the year's photos.

When one lives in rural Maine, you see lots of these smiles - gapping teeth & that "aw shucks" look - Ayuh!

This photo shoot had nothing whatsever to do with the fact that my mom had called a few days before to tell me she need new photos of the boys. The only 8x10 photos she had were from eons ago. My 11 year old was only three in the photo hanging on her wall. My six year old was about two in his & she didn't even have one of my three year old. Let's not get started on how old the family photo managed to be!

I actually already took updated family photos last year so I just need to get one printed. Phew! I'm not sure I could manage to get my hubby to agree to posing for another one.

This is the type of blank stare my hubby will give me when I mention I need a new photo of him - for the sake of memories of course!

I did manage to get the following photos of my guys. I even took a bunch with my film camera. ::gasp:: I used to take tons & tons of film photos a year. This is my first year to go completely digital. I think these may have been some of the first film I've had developed all year. I can't wait to see if I managed to get some better shots. For now, here are a few more of my boys.


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