Friday, November 16, 2007


This past September I began homeschooling (via distance) my 16 year old niece. She really wanted to come home & her mom works & my Mom works so I stepped in. She's pretty independent but I try to go over every other week to answer questions, correct any work, & just check in with her. I feel woefully inadequate to homeschool a high school student. I jokingly told her today that I had to skip from 5th grade (which is where my oldest is) up to 11th - yikes! So far so good though & she is doing a fantastic job.

Today was the day I went over. We spent some time correcting her writing/grammar work. I picked out BJUP 11th grade books for her to use. Overall I think they are going well. My mom (whom my kids call Ninny) made THE yummiest sugar cookies. Then she let the kids frost their own & put sprinkles on - including my youngest - who basically just upended the bottle of sprinkles on top of the cookie.

It was a rainy/overcast day over where we live so I didn't hesitate to drive to my parents house which is about 45 minutes away - in good weather. However, the road I take climbs for about three miles so the elevation is pretty high from where I start. The higher I went, the more the rain turned to snow. By the time I got to the peak, everything was covered in snow. I wanted to stop & get a picture, but the road was actually rather busy - well as busy as this road ever gets - with lots of hunters so I didn't take the chance. I did snap the photo below on the way home from my moms. They got a ton of snow about an inch & it was sticking nicely to everything. In fact, my dad thrilled my boys by tossing a couple of small snowballs at my car as we left.

I took a different route home & once I was a bit further south the roads cleared right up & pretty soon they were even dry. For the record, even though we live further west & in the more mountainous are of the state, we have no snow at all. My parents live further north of us & they can keep all that early snow!

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  1. Those cookies look good, the more the merrier with sprinkles!

    Glad the ride went well despite the bad weather.


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