Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Snow!

Today we had a lot of snow. We had two dustings of snow last month. It was enough for the kids to sort of roll around in, but not be able to do a whole lot.

That was not the type of snow we had today. We had, what I call, "plow-able snow." My father-in-law worked for about a half hour this morning & this afternoon moving all the snow out of the way so we could use the driveway. Tomorrow the boys & I will be out shoveling paths around our place & the parking area for our truck. We probably ended up with about eight inches - total guess - but it's a lot.

I ran outside for a few minutes this afternoon to snap some photos. Our dog, Annie, seemed to really like the snow. She stayed out with the two older boys while they were playing. They were outside for close to two hours after lunch today.

B built a snow tunnel in one of the snowbanks my FIL plowed up. I didn't think he would be able to make it big enough to fit through, but soon after I came inside, that's exactly what happened. Both of them were able to wiggle through it. They then promptly jumped on top of it to destroy it. Silly boys.

My oldest boy

My middle son

Oh & yes, I did give them a snow day today from school. My other ulterior motive, it was my actual birthday & I planned to do nothing but play on the PC & enjoy the day - which I accomplished.


  1. What great pictures! I can't wait to show my kids the pictures when they get home from school.

  2. Fun day, and how nice that the sun cooperated! We had our first snow today, but just in the form of a few flakes. Nothing made it on the ground. Everyone else in my family was bummed. But not me!

  3. OH! Our boys would LOVE to have enough snow to make a tunnel sometime.


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