Monday, December 3, 2007

Thank You!

I belong to a Yahoo group - well, okay, a lot of Yahoo groups. However, one in particular is what I like to call my "national homeschool support list." I've been a member there a couple of years & every Christmas season we have an ornament swap. It is so fun to see what someone else picks out for me to hang on my tree.

This year this delightful tin Americana snowman arrived at my home a few weeks ago. I was actually waiting for some snow to arrive so I could stage this photo. Today was the day.

I wanted to publicly thank Laura in MO for sending me this adorable little snowman. She also included in the box a fabulous Christmas music CD. I've been listening to it over & over & even my kiddos are enjoying it. Thanks again, Laura!!!


  1. Oh, very pretty, and how cute that you waited for snow to "stage" him! I'm never interested in the exchange when it begins, but I always get this wistful feeling hearing (and now seeing, since everyone's blogging!) about the exchanges!

  2. It's exciting to get these surpises, isn't it?

  3. VERY CUTE! Isn't the loop great!


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