Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

So it's actually a day early. I'm just taking a page from Duckabush about how to make ones birthday last longer than one day. In actuality, I began celebrating on Friday while visiting my Mom. It was complete with cake, ice-cream, & lunch of my choice (homemade oatmeal rolls & hamburgers). Yum!

On Sunday my hubby had a big surprise for me. Other than the cake he & the boys bought on the way home from church (I had gone in the opposite direction to do some much needed grocery shopping) covered in a total of 36 candles.

It took quite a while to LIGHT all of the candles. One boy remarked how the cake said "Happy Birthday." I replied, "Not anymore!"

We headed next door to my in-laws for cake & to visit. I thought it would just by my in-laws, my hubby's grandfather, & perhaps his aunt & uncle along with my boys & us. So we lit the candles on the cake & they all sang happy birthday to me.

Apparently my family sings rather well or is it rather bad? Either way, I thought it rather funny!

At this point my hubby has the camera. He, of course, wanted the picture of all the SMOKE from the blown out candles.

Anticipation of cake makes one smile!

So what was the big surprise? Well, I can't show you as I stopped taking photos at this point. My hubby had been going outside every few minutes & I couldn't think what he was up to. I thought perhaps his aunt & uncle were coming & he was looking for them. Nope. I heard the door open & looked up to seemy two local friends, Shelly & Kathy, walk in with some of their children. Right behind them were my friends Tammy & Phil with their kids. Wow! I was so happy to see them. Only Shelly had been out to our neck of the woods before, so I was just so excited to see my other friends here. I felt so blessed that they came out on a Sunday evening just to spend some time with me. A few minutes later in walked my childhood friend, Rhonda, with her hubby & kids too! Wow! A truly fun evening.

We talked, laughed, and ate a TON of food! I even bit the bullet & took Rhonda & Tammy & their families back over to our trailer for a tour. ::gulp:: It wasn't "company" ready, but these were my friends so I let it slide that there were dishes in the sink, toys strewn across the living room, and dirt on visible (and non-visible) surfaces.

I love my hubby!!! He bought me a RCA MP3 player. I'm so happy with that. I'm still working on getting music on to it though. He also bought me a new piece for my Christmas village. We have been together for 14 years. Each year on my birthday - starting with the first - he has bought me a lighted house or village piece. I love this tradition.


  1. Happy Birthday my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can't BELIEVE you had to blow out all those candles! (And I can't believe your dh could light them all in time!)

    We've always tried to make bdays last more than just a day!

    What a very nice birthday, Lisa!!!!!!!! You're off to a great start for a new great year!

  3. AH. That's SO SWEET! What a very nice birthday. I just had my birthday last week. I need to upload pictures of teh smoke from my cake (LOL). I have a few more candles than you. I hope you have fun with your MP3 player!


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