Friday, December 14, 2007

B's Bears

A few weeks ago, B came to me & asked if he could make some stuffed bears to give away as gifts. I told him I would look in to. I saw a kit while I was shopping early in the week but it would only do one & I knew he wanted to make at least three or four (or more!).

Shortly after that a link was shared at one of my groups. It was in regards to a Charlotte Mason styled nature & art kit. I was intrigued so I went to check it out. I was even happier when I saw the kit! It's very cool & I did end up buying one. They are made by a college student & she sells them at her blog, Hearts and Trees.

I scrolled down to see what other things might be there & struck pay dirt! There was an entry there on how to make stuffed bears including step-by-step instructions and a pattern. I printed it off and told B about it. He was so excited!

He went in to the art supplies & found some felt we had & immediately sat down to get started. I only helped him a tiny bit. I did a bit of cutting & threading his needle for him. I also helped him get started with the sewing, but he did 95% of the bear. I think he did a great job. He worked on it until he finished it & then did another one the next day. I timed him on the second bear & it took him about two hours from start to finish. Then he made a list of felt he wants me to buy. This makes me one pretty happy mama.


  1. Amanda from Hearts and Trees12/16/2007 11:32 PM

    Just wanted to stop in and say great work. The bears look great!


  2. Way to go! These are great. I'll have to go check out the site.

  3. What FUN! I love it when the kids come up with something and can do it mostly on their own.

  4. Great bears, and what excellent, careful sewing! Looks like a really fun project.


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