Monday, December 17, 2007

Making a Mess

I started attending a MOPS group this fall at our church. I'm really enjoying another way to meet more moms in the area. During one meeting it came up during our discussion time how much I do not like it when my kids get messy. I have since discovered I'm not alone in this affliction, but there you have it. The thought of messy clean-up does me in every time.

Finger painting? Absolutely not! Play dough? Oh please no! Seriously though, I realize this is a correct defect in myself & I'm actually trying to work on it. Kids need to get messy to learn. I know this! I encourage it highly in others. I just have a hard time doing as I say.

So, there are a couple moms holding me accountable. I have to let my kids start exploring things more, making messes, and having fun with it all! I can't get uptight about it, well, at least I'm trying not too. The messes last for such a small amount of time. The memories will last forever. Right?

In that theme, when J approached me & asked if he could "cut" I said, "Sure!" I even had a big smile on my face at the time. I even have to publicly admit that this was the first time EVER I had let him use scissors all by himself. He was actually quite funny & was determined to do it "all by myself." He would keep coming to me to have me help with his finger placement, but he had a fabulous time just cutting up a piece of scrap paper. I only had some confetti to sweep up when I was done. It wasn't so bad. Really.

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