Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Fun Homeschool Day

I belong to a rather large (for our area) homeschool group. We meet at a church that's about a half hour away from where we live. Then again, most everything is about a half hour away from where we live.

Typically we get together monthly and plan what we're doing to do that month in terms of field trips and so on. I've also been providing some sort of easy craft for the kids to do to keep them occupied and not running wild while we meet. That usually buys us about an hour to chat.

This month we decided to instead to a Kids Meeting. We planned for a cookie swap and a craft time for the kids to make Christmas ornaments. I think they all had a pretty good time. I know my boys did. Even J had a good time working on his things. I love all their levels of concentration.

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  1. Aren't co-ops great! We LOVE LOVE LOVE ours!


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