Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cold Weather Fun

I think I need some disclaimers over these photos. I'm not sure though. I went outside after we had our first big snow storm of the new season (a foot of snow!) and saw my three year old carrying around this large chunk of ice. It had been a rather large icicle that we broke off the roof - for safety reasons. He wanted to bring it inside & sleep with it. He was not happy when I nixed that plan. That happened after I snapped these two photos.

Then I saw my older two boys sledding. They have been dying to use the runner sled all year. We now have perfect conditions for it. Apparently we only have ONE sled though. This is their solution.

A little while later my middle son (who is on top in the above photo) convinced my youngest son to join him. So N was on the bottom & J was on top. I heard them hooting & hollering down the driveway. Then J jumps off & yells, "Yeah, baby! That was awesome!" Did I mention he's not quite four yet? Needless to say, this is one of their favorite things to do in the winter. We're looking at getting some more runner sleds though. ::grin::


  1. Ooh, that second pic with the icicle looks so cool, like it's glowing onto his face!

    We love sledding. It's one of the few things I will actually GET in there and DO, instead of just watching the kids. But I have a feeling we won't be getting nearly enough snow this year. (And I'm glad about THAT part of it too!)

  2. LOL.. the sledding looks SO FUN! WE don't have any hills close by so we always have to drive somewhere to go sledding - that's IF we ever have any snow!

    And, I must say that is one huge icicle.


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