Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finding the Tree

For the past six years we've had an artificial Christmas tree. We started this practice when we sold our house & moved in to a very tiny apartment. There just wasn't room for anything else. We kept using the fake tree for the last couple of years here as well. This year my hubby declared, "We're getting a real tree!"
Now one might assume that if a family lived on 100+ acres, it would be as simple as walking out back with the ax over your shoulder to find the perfect tree. One would be wrong. That only yields, as we affectionately call them, "Charlie Brown trees" these days.

However, just down the road - imagine that around here! - there is a Christmas tree farm. We stopped in on our way home from church. You get to walk out to the field, pick the perfect tree, cut it down & haul it home. My boys thought this was great fun! It was actually, just cold!
Looking over the possibilities.
Maybe this one???
Nope! This one!
We had Daddy start the cutting. He brought an ax but they also had hand-saws there as well. He got it started & then each boy took a turn - for photo purposes you understand. ::grin::
J has a turn - while N "supervises" him.
N now gets his turn. I'm glad there weren't many people around listening to me direct him for the best photo opportunity. ::grin::

B gets the last turn.

Isn't he cute???

As we headed home, the two older boys willingly carried the tree over to our truck. I remarked to my hubby how much I enjoy having such helpful boys. We headed home, had lunch, did some minor chores - such as rearranging my hubby's shop in order to get out the Christmas decorations - oh wait, I didn't do that! ::grin:: I did go clean his Grandmother's home & then we spent the late afternoon decorating. That's the next post though.


  1. Lisa! This sounds EXACTLY like us, a fake tree forever, and this year a live tree. And although we now have 5 acres of plenty of pines, Robert got our tree at Lowe's. (And we have lots of Christmas tree farms around here too!)

    My kids, however, were mortified. They find it embarrassing to have a live tree. I find THAT hysterical!

  2. LOL! I thought for SURE you were going to say you just went out back and cut one down (LOL). I LOVE the smell of a real tree.


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