Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Friends, Good Times

I get together every month with my two best friends in the world - my sister, Beth, and my great friend, Tammy. We scrapbook together at my sisters every month. We go away for a long weekend in March to a hotel & scrapbook the weekend away. We even go out to dinner on occasion and do some shopping.
Since December is such a busy time, we do not typically scrapbook. We do, however, try to get together for dinner and some shopping. We managed to to do that tonight & I had such a fabulous time as always.
Tammy is on the left & Beth (in red) is on the right. They are both holding up their Willow Tree figurines that I gave them for Christmas. I gave Tammy the "Angel of Caring" & I gave Beth the "Angel of Healing."
I just really like this photo of Tammy. :-)

My sister also gave me a belated birthday gift. I have about thirteen miniature clocks. I love clocks. I love watches. It's weird. A few years ago, well, a lot of years ago, my sister gave me a clock on a whim I think. I loved it. I mentioned that I loved it. She started a tradition about six years ago of giving me one each year on my birthday. I've had some other folks along the way give me some as well. I love my little clocks. My sister always puts such great thought in to each clock as well. The year I started homeschooling she gave me a crystal apple. I love photography & two of my clocks are cameras. I used to do medical transcription so one year she gave me a typewriter. This year she gave me a piano. I used to play & really wish I had kept up my skills. That's on my to do list.
I know this is blurry but it's still shows how awesome this little clock truly is. Thanks sis!

I'm truly blessed to have two such wonderful friends in my life. The type of friends that you can call no matter what & no matter when & you know they'll show up - no questions asked - to bail you out or spend time with you. It's truly an awesome thing.


  1. Lisa - that is a really cool clock.

    I'm glad you got to go out with Beth and Tammy.

    It looks fun.

  2. Raising hand here. I'm also a Willow Tree fan!

    Oh.. and I have a thing for clocks and watches as well (LOL)! Dh gave me a watch for my birthday or Christmas for the first 15+ years we were married....


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