Friday, December 21, 2007

Fall Reading Challenge - Almost Done!

I began the Fall Reading Challenge thinking I had picked out WAY too many books to read. I never dreamed I would add so many "extra credit" titles to my list. Once again I struggled to get through my non-fiction pile. There are still many there I just didn't get to. I did pass along the Boyhood and Beyond book to my hubby to read through with our boys instead so I guess I should have just taken that one right off the list.

I was never able to get my hands on the newest Yada Yada book. Now that it's been out for a while I can probably get it through the library. I think there were about 12 holds or some such thing on it. Hmmm, I should look in to that!

I did discover that I really, really, REALLY like reading Dee Henderson & Lori Wick. I am a huge fan of the Karen Kingsbury "Baxter" series of books (the Redemption, Firstborn, & Sunrise series). I think I may have found one I like better. It is the "O'Malley Family" series. I did a review of some of the books this time around once I finished the first two. I would definitely read these again. I have been able to read a lot more of her books through our church library.

Another new favorite was called Pretense by Lori Wick. This is another book I discovered at the church library. I almost didn't finish it. I was about 2-3 chapters in to thinking it was nothing like her usual books & maybe I didn't need to spend the time reading it. However, I was talking about it at Awana one night & the other two ladies there really encouraged me to continue. They said it was their all time favorite of hers. Well, I kept going & I would have to agree. It was a really great book!

Again, I loved doing the reading challenge. It was a ton of fun & it helps me not have to think about what to read next. If I could only manage to get through those non-fiction books. Well, maybe next time!

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  1. I never did do a challenge summary. I also had way too many books on my list (LOL), but my list is a school list for the year so I'm not worried about trying to finish them for any one particular reading challenge.


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