Friday, December 21, 2007

Review: The Home Scholar

This year I found myself thrust in to the role of homeschooling a high schooler. My oldest is only eleven years old. However, my 16 year old niece decided to stay home this year & asked if I would help her with curriculum & oversight. Sure - how hard could it be right? She's 16 after all! (Well, actually she's now 17, but she just had a birthday last week.)

I was lamenting the fact that I felt woefully inadequate to jump so many grades & attempt high school. Shortly after this I was given the wonderful opportunity to review a set of DVD's called "Preparing to Homeschool High School."

Wow!!! How's that for a review??!?! ::grin::

Lee Binz is a homeschooling mom who has graduated her two sons. Her boys ended up with full scholarships to their first choice college. They succeeded in many CLEP tests as well prior to starting school. Lee started a consulting business called The Home Scholar to help out those of us who feel like they are not prepared to homeschool a high schooler.

I was thrilled to check out the three disc set of DVD's about preparing to homeschool a high school student. I truly felt like it was a mini-homeschool conference right in my own living room. Lee had very practical advice to give. In fact, I plan to add two of the books she recommends in to my niece's curriculum as soon as possible. She was very reassuring. It's always easy to listen to people give advice, but there was even more credibility for me since Lee has been there & done that and has the proof in where her boys are now at school. They succeeded so I now feel I can get it in place to do the same for my niece & then my boys. Even though my oldest is 11, I now have the confidence to continue as I had planned & not feel like I'm in over my head.

Thanks, Lee!

If you'd like to read more advice - Lee has plenty on her blog. The HomeScholar Blog

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  1. KEWL! A group of my friends are coming over in January to watch these with me. I can hardly wait.


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