Monday, April 21, 2008

You're It!

So I was taking some time tonight catching up on some much neglected blog reading only to find I have been tagged by Linda Mac over at MacDonald Clan. Happily enough, I have time to post my response. Yeah!

Come up with 5 things that would be on your gift wish list. It has to be something totally fun and possibly frivolous. There is no cost limit, but be realistic.

1. First & foremost - a digital SLR camera. I've been really eyeing the Cannon XTi. My hubby bought me a regular film SLR camera eons years ago & I really love it. However, I didn't like the bulk of it to carry every day. Last year he bought me a small Nikon Coolpix digital that I carry everywhere. While I like it, it does not give me the quality of photos I once enjoyed.

2. A new computer. My desktop died over a year ago. Since then I have been using my hubby's laptop. All well & good, but I'd love a new PC of my own - preferably a laptop all for myself.

3. An external hard drive. While my PC died, the hard drives are still intact (we had two). I'd really love to get an external hard drive in order to get all that information in to a usable format. I had tons of ebooks on there I used for the kids school. Then I could also store other stuff on there such as my photos & what not.

4. High speed internet. Seems silly I know. However, I live in the boonies of Maine. Seriously. The only way to get something faster than dial-up (yup, I still use dial-up), is to get satellite internet.

5. A new vehicle. Currently we own a full-sized pick-up truck that is two doors. This is our "family vehicle." Hooking up kids in booster seats in the back is a big old pain in the neck. J is getting better at it but typically I have to climb in there & help him out. My hubby drives a very small compact car. We can sort of all fit in it, but until N gets out of his booster seat next year, it's pretty tight for poor B who ends up in the middle between his two brothers. I'd love a Tahoe or something like that. Oh & if I did that, I'd have to add one more thing - free lifetime gas card. ;-)

So, I'm going to tag..... Sheri, Bessie, Kristine , and Deb.

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