Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scrapbook Inspriation

I have been a scrapbooker for about 10 years now. I started when not many folks knew about it. You certainly couldn't go to Wal-Mart to buy adhesives or paper or albums. My only source for most of my supplies at that point in time was Creative Memories. In fact, I even became a consultant for about a year shortly after I started scrapbooking. I loved it. However, I was the only one in my group of family and friends who scrapbooked. I used to go to crops alone so I could work on my albums. I got quite a bit done but I was pretty lonely.

Since I started way back in 1998, I have completed well over 30 albums. Yes, I keep a list of all albums completed. Unfortunately, said list in on the hard drive of my dead computer so I can't access it currently, but at last count I think I had 33 or 35 albums done. That included all sizes from small brag books all the way to 12x12 albums.

Over time I have started loosing the zeal to scrapbook and create that I once had. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy it, but just not as much.

I used to host a monthly gathering when we lived further south. I had about 10 regulars who came & we had a lot of fun together. We even gave ourselves a name & went to various "benefit" crops which were all the rage in the area a few years ago. The biggest one we attended was for a local elementary school's PTA. They used to rent the local armory building & we had well over 300 croppers attend. It was amazing!

Now I go to my sister's house each & every month - for the most part. Her & I and our great friend, Tammy, spend about 12 hours together scrapbooking. It's still fun, but I'm not getting the same enjoyment out of my layouts & creations as I once did. I now go for the friendship which is great! But I want to start enjoying the scrapbooking process again. I want to enjoy the creative aspect of it all.

So I spent some time on the computer today looking for some sites to do just that - get me inspired.

The first one I found was a scrapbooking blog called "Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration" - pretty appropriate wouldn't you say? I enjoyed reading her posts and I came across another site that really has me pumped up called The Scrap Witch. They post monthly challenges on there - everything from layouts to color schemes to quotes and more. I'm planning to do those and just post here & share with my IRL friends as well.

I'm also planning to use some "page maps" (i.e. sketches) from this website as well. I love sketches or page maps as they take the guess work out of it all for me. I just need to follow the steps to create an eye-catching layout - for the most part anyway!

So do you have any great inspiring websites or blogs that will help get my creative juices going again? Please share!


  1. I've been scrapbooking since 01/95 - 13 years! But I haven't completed that many albums. Wow! I am pretty much a CM girl. I would love to have a buddy to scrap with like you do. I haven't been to a crop since before Carys was born - over 2 years. Sigh! I'm keeping up but it's not as much fun.

  2. Hi there,
    Glad my blog helped with a bit of Inspiration, that's what it's all about... right?!
    Looking forward to seeing some pages!

  3. I have many blogs that I frequent for the same are some that I like:
    Sketch me if you can:
    she posts lots of sketches as well as digital stuff, but you can use the digi layouts for inspiration

    Karen Russell:
    she takes great pictures as well as does a lot of good scrapbooking

    Just Laura:
    Laura Vegas is a great scrapbooker, much published, a fantastic photographer too...

    I also use a matter of fact, I just did a layout using one of her maps as inspiration! I usually pull it up on my pc, then scrap on the floor so I can look at it. I don't follow the maps precisely, but it gives me good guidelines....

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for the links. I'll have to check them out! I lost my zeal when I go so far behind it loos like I'll never get caught up!

  5. Thanks for the links, Lisa. I needed some inspiration.


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