Sunday, April 6, 2008

Train Fun

A.C. Moore has a free craft time for kids on Saturdays. This week's craft fit in completely with the likes of my boys - paint your own wooden trains! ::grin:: Since two of my boys are HUGE train lovers, I knew this would be great. The other great part...I was down babysitting my nephew while my sister & BIL were gone to a marriage seminar and he loves trains too. We headed over after J's nap time.

The finished product and the proud creators.

B decided he was too old to make his own train car & decided he didn't want to color the black velvet pictures they had their either. I sent him off to the toy aisle to see if he could find anything for N's birthday which is on the 6th. I still had to do his gift shopping - yikes!

I did take them all over to check out the Thomas aisle when they were done with their trains. I even let N pick out some track expansion using money my MIL had given me to get him a gift. I also sent B to the next aisle to pick up the two K'Nex packages N had pointed out that he liked. My brother had given me some money as well for gifts for N.

We headed to Target next. I had N lay down inside the cart & hide his eyes while we did our shopping. It was really funny. I had given the other boys strict instructions NOT to talk about what aisles we were in or anything we were looking at. My nephew did well (he's just 10 months younger than N) but he kept saying things like, "Ooooh!" or "Wow!" I'm not sure if he was that impressed with the toy selection at Target or just trying to get N going. J had a hard time not pointing out what we were looking at - "Look there's Percy & Thomas!" ::sigh::

I think I was able to sneak most of it by N but we'll see how it goes when he opens his gifts.

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  1. they look like they had a wonderful time- productive too. LOL


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