Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

I decided this year that I would do something on Earth Day. So I went & spent some time finding some fun worksheets for the boys to do. I found a neat coloring page & a simple worksheet that helped explain what it was all about. We did those & then headed outside. After all, it's all about the Earth right?

We all put on our muck boots, grabbed some plastic shopping bags, and went for a walk on our road to pick up any trash. Amazingly enough, we really didn't find a ton. We filled three plastic shopping bags full of trash plus one with bottles/cans (which we already recycle here since Maine pays $0.05 for each one).

These two were my best helpers. They actually started fighting over who would get each piece of trash! I finally gave N the bag of bottles/cans. He went down some pretty steep banks to grab them up.

Our little piece of road is now just a tad bit cleaner.

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  1. GOOD JOB! We usually try to pick up some garbage along our stretch of road when we go out walking. Dh and the boys have been cleaning up lots of old metal junk from our pit and field since scrap metal prices are so high right now! It's been quite profitable to recycle those things.


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