Thursday, July 3, 2008

Animals All Around

It's always a given that one will see some animals while up at camp. It's just a matter of where and when. Last year we saw two beavers swim by & come to shore just below our camp. We also saw a mommy loon with her babies.

This year was no different.

We saw two loons VERY close to shore - as in about 50 feet from our dock. This photo was taken with my zoom half way out. We watched them for quite some time - dive - come up - shake - stretch. It was fun.

We motored in to the next town on July 4th to gas up the boat & to have dinner "out" as a treat. There was a small flock of ducks hanging out close to the dock waiting for hand outs. It was amazing how close they would get! You can even see the little feet just under the water.

As we were heading home on the 4th after dinner, we could see all these birds up in the trees. They are cormorants. Very cool. They were in two trees & I snapped a bunch of pictures of them.

While this was not a "wild" animal native to the region, she probably could have been without much trouble! Annie LOVES it when we take her to camp. Three years ago we took Keeysha - which was her last trip before she died. Last year when we went we had Annie. She loves the water. She also loves chasing butterflies - a new past time for her.

My hubby shared a story about Annie from this trip. On our last night the lake was dead calm at dusk & the fish were jumping. He decided to go see if he would have any luck doing a bit of fly fishing. The boys & I were up to the camp as I was getting them all ready for bed. Annie didn't see or hear my hubby on the dock. She went down to the little point & out to the rocks there which are mostly submerged. She sat down & just pointed her nose in to the wind. She sat there for the longest time until the bugs finally forced my hubby to move. She jumped so we know she hadn't seen him. She does love camp.

And we saw this cow grazing on the side of the road. I took the photo through the windshield which is why it's a bit misty. I wanted my hubby to stop beside it so I could snap a quick pic through his window but we had someone behind us so we couldn't stop.

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