Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the First Day of Camp

My in-laws own a camp on the upper section of Moosehead Lake. It takes us over two hours to drive there. While it's not really my cup of tea, my boys really love going & so this is our family vacation each year. Although, having said that, this is only our third year of going as a family. When the boys were very young, it was just too difficult for me & was just not a vacation. It's getting easier the older we get & this is our first year going with none of the kiddos in diapers. Woo-Hoo!

Another new thing this year - we were able to borrow our in-laws boat which was just so nice. The boys were out every day fishing. I went with them the first day & just hung out with Jack & read a book & watched the scenery. It was nice.

J had a good time on the boat. He & I hung out in the bow & enjoyed seeing all there was to see from up there.

B & N hung out in the back holding tight to their fishing poles. They didn't catch anything, but they certainly had a lot of fun trying!

I even snapped a photo of the "skipper."

Poor Annie did NOT like the boat AT ALL! She got wet right before we got her in the boat. She wouldn't shake off as she was nervous so she was sopping wet. She pretty much laid here the whole time with her nose down. Needless to say, we did not take her with us after this outing. ;-)

And this was the scenery. So nice.

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