Friday, July 4, 2008

On the Third Day of Camp

Even on vacation one can never get away from chores......

I had packed a few things to help keep the kids busy. I pulled out the bubbles today. B was helping Dad with wood so it was just N & J. N kept trying to make really big bubbles & J kept trying to pop them. Got to love little brothers. ;-)

I also finally figured out why the boys were always SO wet after coming back from playing at the point. They were reaching in to the water to get rocks to throw for Annie & to skip on the water. I did not bring enough clothes to keep them dry most of the time we were there. I even ended up putting J in to one of N's t-shirts on the last day. It was the only clean one left!

We motored in to the nearby town (30 minutes by boat) for dinner tonight & to also gas up the boat for my in-laws who were coming up a couple days after we left. The boys really have a great time on the boat. J made a "funny" this trip. We were asking Daddy what all the different buoys meant as we neared the dock. J wanted to know what the "crayon" one meant. We had a hard time figuring out he was talking about the buoys until we realized it was the green one with a flat top & a white stripe. It did look like a crayon without the point!

After dinner & before we headed home, we went over to check out Mt. Kineo. The boys thought it was VERY cool. The water was anywhere from 60-150 feet deep at the base of the mountain. Legend has it that moose have actually fallen off the top & their skeletons are near the bottom.

We ended the night with some morning glory sparklers. The boys thought they were very cool & lit off a bunch at once. Since we can't do fireworks ourselves in Maine (illegal) we only have the fun sparklers. Although, Daddy did go outside after dark & was able to see some fireworks going off further down the lake - so far that he couldn't hear them, but he could see them.
I only took photos two days out of the four we were at camp. My hubby did teach me how to play cribbage - I feel like a grown-up now. I even won the last game we played on our last night with a 20 point hand. I had to share that publicly as I was pretty psyched!

Overall it was a good vacation (seriously hubby) but I was pretty glad to get home to flush toilets, showers, air conditioning, and electricity. ;-)


  1. What a gorgeous setting for a camp. What kind of camp is it - just for family or a church camp?

  2. Looks like a great vacation at the camp, Lisa. Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

  3. Cynthia,
    It's our family camp. My in-laws own it. I have photos of the actual camp from last year

    I realized after I got home that I didn't take any photos of the actual camp. Maybe next year I'll remember to do some inside & out to share. ;-)

  4. Looks like the boys had a blast! I am glad to hear that you had a good time as well. We had a good time at the lake last week too.


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