Friday, August 15, 2008

Women of Faith - Part 1A

I know - not a very creative title. When I did the previous blog post on Women of Faith & the singers - Natalie Grant & Nicole C. Mullen - I didn't have any of the photos my sister took with me to post. This shows you just how close we were - although she has a good zoom on her digital camera.

Again, I love watching live performances & almost always like the artist that much better having seen them sing live.

The host made a comment about how Natalie almost didn't make it as she had been very ill. I'm so glad she did. She was fantastic to watch.

Remember the video I shared earlier (click here to see it & to read my more detailed post about the singers) about the song "One Touch?" Here are a few photos my sister took while Nicole C. Mullen performed it. The girls on stage are a traveling group of young people that she mentors & takes on the road with her. They sang a bit & did a lot of dancing & such. They were also very good. This song & its performance so touched my heart.

PS: I forgot to mention that Sandi Patty was also here!!!! She was just wonderful as well. Not only did she sing but she talked about how to give you whole life & all of its aspects over to Christ. I didn't seem to have any photos to remind me to post! I'm sure they are there but I think they are on the film ones my sister took so I have no digital images.

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