Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Review - Glorious Appearing

I just finished this book last night. I was about halfway through it when the Fall Into Reading challenge began. This is the last book in the Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B Jenkins. I had read all of the earlier books previously, but I didn't remember ever reading this one.

Once I started it, I realized I had part of it before. Having said that, I also realized that I must have started this book and not finished it the first time around.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first few books in this series. There are 12 total. I felt they were well written. Then they just started getting vvveerrryyy drawn out. For instance, the time covered in this book is only about a week. Most of it was not necessary for the story. I started to find it annoying which took away from the story.

The concept of the series is to what will happen after the rapture of the church by Jesus. This is what may happen to all people left behind & how they will struggle to survive the seven years before Jesus comes back to set up His kingdom on earth. I found it an interesting read, but it may not be one of my top ten.

Having said that, I did enjoy the last book in that it answered some questions I had. For instance, I was wondering what happened after the thousand year reign on earth. I feel that question was answered well. I also enjoyed how they shared how they found answers in the Bible to all of this prophecy questions and the like.

Overall I would give this book a 3.5 but I would give the series a 5 (out of 5).


  1. I was hooked on the entire it all...except for that last book. Like you, I read part of it and just felt like it was all dragging out and out...I just could not get into it. I may start the entire series again and try to get through the last one.

  2. I loved loved LOVED the whole series. I read Book #1 in hours, I swear.

  3. I totally enjoyed the first book of this series, but was totally bored with the second book and most of the third book. So I quit reading them. However that was over 10 years ago, I think I might give them a try again.

  4. I enjoyed this series as a whole. I can't recall which book it was - one of the latter ones - that just dragged on and on for me and I became so bored I almost gave up.


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