Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs - Week 6

***This week I want to invite you to take a moment and post a Summer Photo Essay memoir. Starting from around the official date of Summer to this past week - just give a basic summary of your summer as I know someone of you are photoholics! Haha! Make sure you jot down your memoirs about each photo so everyone can read about your summer. You can do the essay however you want. You can journal a lot of just caption the photo! Can’t wait to see what you all do!***

I've really been enjoying this weekly reflection. Although, I almost skipped this one! I am a photoholic. There is no doubt about that. However, I could not find an easy way to put together a photo collage. It was frustrating & I'm not going to share how long it took me to finally realize that Smilebox would have something for me to use! ::sigh:: I wasn't planning on using a slideshow, but it was the easiest way for me to share the photos. Hint: If the photos go by too slowly for you, just click "stop" in the bottom right corner. Then you can click "next" at your own speed.

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First Row:

Photo #1 - My middle son celebrating his trophy & new baseball after baseball season ended.

Photos #2-#6 - Women of Faith in Boston. I attended in July with my sister & our friend Tammy. We had a fabulous time & are already planning on attending again next summer.

Second Row:

Photos #1-#5 - A wonderful field trip we took to a living history center. We met up with friends. The best part - it was open only to homeschoolers this day. We had such a great time.

Photo #6 - My middle son showing off his new smile.

Third Row:

Photo #1 - My two youngest enjoying ice-cream on a hot summer day.

Photos #2-#5 - Some shots from our family vacation in July to Moosehead Lake.

Photo #6 - My middle son at a baseball game.

Fourth Row:

Photos #1-#3 - A family hike up Borestone Mountain on Memorial Day.

Photos #4-#6 - My two oldest sons took a three day art class with Mr. Barry Stebbing from How Great Thou Art in July.

Fifth Row:

Photo #1 - Miss H - one of the little girls I watch. She's 13 months old & here five days a week.

Photo #2 - Miss L - the other little girl I watch. She's 15 months old & here three days a week.

Photo #3 - My youngest at the lake. His brothers had swimming lessons there five days a week for two weeks. He spent almost as much time in the water.

Photo #4 - My Tour de Cure team that I ride with. This is my fifth year riding. It's a fundraising ride for the American Diabetes Association. This photo was at the end of a 50K bike ride.

Photos #5 & #6 - My newest nephew.

Sixth Row:

Photos #1-#3 - My boys during VBS this summer.

Photo #4 - My hubby playing softball with the church team.

Photo #5 - J had his first visit with the dentist this summer. No cavities!

Photo #6 - Walking the beach. Ahhhhh.....totally summer.


  1. This assignment did take a loonnnngg time to complete! Looking back over all the summer photos was special though!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Summer wasn't nearly long enough this year huh?? :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the idea! Think I'll try it out this weekend!

    Kayla Brazzel
    Living the Good Life

  4. I'm working on mine. I finally got around to organizing (weeding out the bad ones) all of my photos from June and July which is when I got behind and found I didn' thave much to blog about until I finished editing those months' photo files. Anyway.. Thanks for the motivation to do it.


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