Monday, September 22, 2008

Texture Touch

This is another idea I gleaned from Trish Kuffner's book The Toddler's Busy Book. It's called Texture Touch.

To make you need the lids off of juice cans. (Thanks Tammy & Phil for bringing juice on Saturday!!!) You will need white glue, scissors, a pen, and various items for different textures. I am using sandpaper, fabric, fun fur yarn, feathers, rocks and cotton balls.

Fill the juice lid with glue. (Okay, I probably went overboard as these are still not completely dry two days later, but I want to be sure they are on there well so the babies can't yank them off in one pull.)

Place your item on the lid. I started with the fun fur. Some tips about the other items. Fabric: I cut a large square & glued it on to the lid. When it was relatively dry, I used the scissors to trace around & cut off the extra. Sandpaper: I drew a rough circle on the back using the lid as a guide & cut out. My sandpaper was folded & kept popping off the glue so I used a soda can to hold it down while it was drying. I just placed some wax paper on first so I didn't glue the can to the sandpaper. Feathers: Cut them down to fit the lid. Rocks: Only allow your toddler to use these under supervision in case a rock comes off.

Here are my final lids. I may or may not put some magnets on the back. Miss L loves playing with magnets on the fridge so I may go that route.

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