Friday, September 12, 2008

HFH: "Fat Ticker Friday" (aka Ugh)

Hot for the Holidays

So I jokingly told my sister last night that I was planning to get up extra early this morning & do at least a 2 mile walk video in order to get dehydrated so I could have a great weigh-in this morning. That was the plan.

In reality, I rolled out of bed at 6am said something along the lines of "mornings suck" & went to take a shower. ::sigh:: The good news though - I'm down a 1/2 a pound. I'll take it. However, I think I have a sadistic little gnome or something living in my scale. It had me all excited earlier in the week thinking I had lost 1-1/2 pounds. Lousy scale.

So over at Baby Tea Leaves, the question of the week is this: "What do you want your legacy to be?"

I've actually thought of that a lot over the years. I am the mom to three boys. Three very active boys. They are all growing up fast. Their dad loves the outdoors. Me? Not so much. However, his love is being passed along to our three boys & I love that. They love to go hiking and camping. Walking up tall hills just to see a view isn't my idea of fun. However, if the rest of my family likes it then I'm going to do it. Right now it's very hard to do that.

So, what do I want my legacy to be?

I want my boys to remember all the fun family outings we had together outside. I want them to learn to love the outdoors like their father does. I want to be able to enjoy it & that will come if I'm not huffing & puffing & wandering why on earth I have climbed yet another mountain! I want them to see the benefits of eating healthy & living a healthy life. I don't want them to have the weight struggles I've had. I want them to see exercise as just "living life."

That's what I want my legacy to be to my three guys.


  1. Good morning fellow HFH participant! Congrats on the loss this week! Great post! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hopping by from HFH! Congrats on your loss. Good luck this week!

  3. I am just an instrument God uses to tell others about His Son, Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for mankind's sin.

  4. hi!! congrats, hey .5 is a loss and i'll take any of that!! :)

    great job!!

    and beautiful post on the question of the week. :)

    ps. that guy patrick above me in the comments spammed the crap out of me yesterday with a million comments and i reported him. fyi.

  5. Great job on your loss! It all counts :)

  6. Lisa! Great job on the weight loss. We'll do it if it's only one day at a time. Let's do this!

  7. Great Job sis - and I really like your thoughts on legacy. I succumbed to an easy life style and since being married I added 30lbs! Over the past year I have taken a stance against sitting on my butt and exercise 3 - 4 times a week. The result? Weight is down 25lbs (almost to the goal), Cholesterol is down 25pts, and 3 inches of the waist. Non of it has been easy but keep going and take one day at a time. Baby steps, but enough baby steps in the right direction and you will soon find yourself at your destination!

  8. FANTASITC! I'm all for spending time with the kids, but the outdoors, not my cup of tea. However, we do dance and wrestle INDOORS! LOL CONGRATS on the loss!

  9. That's a great legacy to create for your boys.


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