Saturday, September 13, 2008


I meant to take some photos over the last few day...but I didn't. I meant to get more sleep...but I didn't. I meant to do a lot of things that I didn't do. However, I did manage to do a lot of things that I meant to do. ;-)

Today was a rather busy day in some regards. When my hubby & I moved north four years ago we needed storage space. We were moving in to a 14x70 foot trailer & just didn't have enough room for all of the junk stuff we had to have. Hubby's aunt & uncle own a camp on the lake just down the road from where we now live. They have a 2-car garage right on the road about a 1/2 mile from us at the camp. They graciously let us use this for storage.

Our plan was to use it for short-term storage. Last year my hubby finished an addition to the trailer for storage. Um, don't let that fool you. It's turned in his "man-cave" with a small, itty bitty spot for "storage." In fact, this weekend he's working on our new storage shed. ;-) The reason for all of this is that his aunt & uncle are now divorced & selling the camp. We needed to clean out our stuff.

A few weeks ago my hubby & I went down & sorted through everything. We ended up with a very LARGE trash pile. In fact, it took me two trip so the local landfill to get rid of everything we thought we had to keep for the last four years but just ended up in the trash. We also ended up with a LARGE yard sale pile. Stuff that we didn't want to keep, but was really too nice to trash. Then we had one small pile we kept & brought up & stuck in the storage "addition" until the storage shed could be built.

A couple Saturdays ago I went down & sorted through all of the yard sale stuff. I spent 2-3 hours down there sorting & pricing & organizing. Now, I live on a VERY rural dirt road. A busy traffic day is three cars. Needless to say, if I wanted to do a yard sale, it would have to be somewhere else. I asked a friend in the nearby town (15 minutes away) if I could use her lawn. She lives right on Main Street. I figured the traffic would be brisk & we'd have a good turn out.

Well, today was the day of the sale.

I'd like to say I made a ton of money & got rid of a lot of stuff. However, that would by lying. ;-) We had maybe a dozen people stop in. I did make about $30. But I told my hubby I'd buy supper & since he spent the day working on the shed (along with his dad & friend), I bought us all sandwiches at the "corner store" (another 15 minute drive away). My exact take from the lawn sale was $33. The EXACT total of dinner - $33. I still shake my head at this. LOL

The local thrift store received a large donation from me today. I kept a few items to try & sell on eBay or Craigslist. I just couldn't part with the really, REALLY nice stuff.

All in all it was a long day & I spent a lot of time hauling boxes (loading our truck at the garage, unloading at the yard sale, loading to go to the thrift store, unloading at the thrift store & this took two trips as I brought some of my friend's things too). I did enjoy chatting with my friend & I wouldn't call the day a total loss, but now I'm off to bed as I'm just tired. ;-)


  1. I understand how you feel, as today was our Lawn Sale day! :) We however made about 60 something dollars... so I guess we made out a little better. We also went to a friends house and so it wasn't a total loss of the day either as we got to visit. :)

  2. Know what you mean Lisa! I have several boxes of yard sale stuff from the move, but I'm too lazy to get it all out and price it. Oh well...put it on the someday list.


  3. I totally understand the problems of trying to have a yard sale when you live in the country. Two times I've had a sale in town and the last time my dh threatened to shoot me (not literally of course) if I ever even MENTION the word yard sale again. If it isn't bad enough to get everything together to put in your own garage it's 10x worse to gather it all up and then have to haul it somewhere to set it up and then you have to load it up again and haul off what's left over. It's so not worth it! Take the donation slip and be done with it the first time you load it up, next time (LOL)!

    We have a 2nd hand store (actually a couple of them) in town and I do take the really nice things there first to see if they'll accept them before taking to the Rescue Mission and honestly I've given away a ton of really nice things, too, if I know someone who might use it.

    Anyway.. at least it bought dinner, but that's not very much return for all the hours spent doing the sale (LOL)!

    NOw.. if i lived in town and could just put things out to the garage as I boxed them up throughout the year and I could actually get some things done at my house during the sale without having to load things up and take them somewhere, I might consider it.

  4. Oh what a shame you didn't make more!


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