Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs - #4 - Something New

Planning your homeschool is a lot of fun, especially if you’re going to be trying something new. Just like finding a shiny new penny you’re excited to use it. Mother Dear has been planning some new curriculum for us, and I am plenty excited to get started on it. This week I hope you’ll share something new you’re using, why you’ve decided to use it, and if you have used it how you like it. Make sure to include the publishing information and where you got it from so others can look into if they like.


I think I've finally found my rut groove after six years of homeschooling. I try not to let my head be turned by all the new & exciting curriculum that is out there. I try to stick with the tried & true - the ones that work. I was wondering if I'd even be able to participate in today's discussion because what did I have that was new??

Then I remembered....we have this....

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry by Robert & Elizabeth Ridlon published by Bright Ideas Press

Science has really been fun for us over the last six years. I discovered Jeannie Fulbright's Elementary Apologia books early on in the game. We have done all of the starting with astronomy & working up through Zoology 2 last year. When I asked B what he'd like to do this year - Zoology 3 (mammals/land animals) or chemistry, he jumped at the chance to try chemistry. This left me looking for a book that would work for us (nothing too fancy) since Jeannie has yet to write a chemistry book. I found CKEC. We start it tomorrow (we're only doing science twice a week).

While I was planning out the lessons I liked what I saw. It looks like a great intro to chemistry. We're going to take it nice & slow but I think we'll easily finish it this year without a problem. I was even impressed with how easy the experiments & hands on things looked, although I may be investing a small fortune in Styrofoam balls before the year is out. ;-) The important thing, B is excited.


I'll also be incorporating more lapbooks this year. So what IS a lapbook? A quick search on Google came up with this site (Lapbook Ladies) which has a nice short explanation of what it is for those who may be wondering.

I've wanted to do more lapbooks with the boys & I've been trying to add it in each year. For the last two we've started many but finished now. Sad I know. Until this past spring. N did one on trains & B did one on the election process. Both were free from this awesome site - Homeschool Share.

I will be using some lapbooks (or elements of some) from Homeschool Share for music. Plus I either bought or have free downloads (through CurrClick - sign up for the newsletter - it's so worth it!) for lapbooks from Hands of a Child. I also recommend signing up for the newsletter from HOAC as they give away a quarterly freebie. I will be using lapbooks for history & art & Bible from HOAC. I'm also using a composer & instrument lapbook I have from Knowledge Box Central. I can't remember if I bought it or had it as a free download somewhere but it's on my PC nonetheless.

I told the boys I hoped this made things better for them rather than worse. ;-) I know they like more hands-on activities so I really do think this will work out for the best.

If you want to see what others are using new this year, click here to find all the links. Until next week....

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  1. LOL I got totally side tracked checking out homeschool share. This is a site I'll be using a lot this year. LOL Thanks for the tip....


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