Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot for the Holidays

Hot for the Holidays

I was reading through my blogs on my Google Reader (love it!!) and something at 5 Minutes for Mom caught my eye. Baby Tea Leaves is hosting a weight loss challenge called Hot for the Holidays. The collective goal is to loose 500 pounds by December 5th. If you click on the photo above or the link above, you will go straight to her blog with all the rules. I also recommend that you click HERE to check out all the cool prizes that are up for grabs - in case you need a bit more motivation to participate.

So - for my own public accountability - here is what I am planning to accomplish during this challenge....

  • 13 pounds gone (as in bye-bye, see ya!)
  • exercise @ least 3 times weekly - mostly by doing walk videos & outside walking with kids
  • drinking more water - anywhere between 60-80 ounces a day (which is better than the NONE I'm doing now!)
  • eating 2-3 fruits a day
  • eating 2-3 veggies a day
  • keeping my "treats" limited to only ONE per day (typically a chocolate chip granola bar)

I will post from time to time to keep you updated. I know that this has to be a God-thing simply because I literally told my hubby last night I wanted to loose another 10 pounds before his office Christmast party. I'm down seven pounds from my all time high but I have been stuck here for WAY too long. It's time for this weight to leave. I'm not even going to say what my ultimate goal is but for now I just want to focus on one day at a time - getting up & exercising, eating right, drinking my water, etc. I need to get going & I pray this will be the motivation I need to do it.

1 Corinthians. 10:31 (ESV) So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


  1. yay! i'm so glad you're in! you're exactly right -- that's how i'm doing it, step by step. i took it in 10 lb increments, and when i got to a new decade of numbers, i rejoiced!! let's be hot for those holiday parties!!

  2. I'm still thinking about this. I'm frankly trying to find time to read blogs since school started...but since I'm sick Mike told me to go to bed and then brought the laptop in. LOL

    I have a goal.....I should get a cute button. lOL


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