Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hot for the Holidays...a limping start

Yesterday was my start to the "Hot for the Holidays" weight loss challenge. Yesterday was a good day.
  • I was up in time to exercise before "the babies" arrived. I did my 2 mile "Walk Away the Pounds Express" which takes me about 30 minutes.
  • I drank my water - lots of it - well, way more than I normally do - but not enough to meet "their" criteria. It was about 40 ounces. Like I said though - that's more than zero ounces which is my typical.
  • I ate TWO veggies - way up from my zero!
  • I went for a 2 mile walk outside with my kids. Pushing a double stroller with at least one baby in it (28 pounds) & even pushed it for awhile with my additional 48 pound youngest son it. I even ran with both of them in there - granted it wasn't long or far - but I ran. I even pushed it back UP my driveway. PHEW!

Miss H at the start of our journey. She loved it btw.

However, yesterday I did not:

  • stick to only having one treat. I did have one granola bar but I splurged on a candy bar on my way home from running errands last night.
  • I only had one veggie & some experts don't really let you count it (corn) due to it being really starchy. I, however, love it. ;-


  • I have not exercised at all yet. I was up too late last night so I could not drag myself out of bed early enough to exercise this morning before the babies arrived. I had planned to take both babies for a walk (collectively about 50 pounds) but it literally started raining as I was walking out the door with all five kids. ::sigh::
  • No fruit today
  • No veggies today
  • No water today
  • Oh & hubby is bringing me home chocolate tonight although I have had no other treats today.

::sigh:: Tomorrow is another day. However, I will end with this - the scale showed a 1 pound loss this morning. I'll work hard tomorrow to be sure that stays there for the Friday weigh-in.

You can find out how to join the "Hot for the Holidays" weight loss challenge by clicking the link or clicking on the photo in my side bar.


  1. Remember Lisa, God's mercies are new every morning. I haven't gotten off to a real good start either. But the most important thing about it is that I'm more aware of what I'm eating and doing. That's a beginning right? Keep up the good effort :)


  2. At least you are trying! I think I've given up trying...

    Did you know that three dried apricots count as a portion of veg? And a glass of orange juice. If you have those at brakfast time, that 2 out of the way right there!

    And I count corn too! LOL!


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