Friday, October 10, 2008

Art Museum Field Trip

I am trying to do more art studies with the boys this year. So far it's been a hit or miss but we're making progress. One thing I really wanted to do was take a tour of an art museum so they could see what it was like. The closest one to us was the Colby College Art Museum. Admission is free as our group tours so I set one up for my homeschool group. We had five families come & had about 15 children.

I was very excited to go after I checked out what the current exhibits were. Realms of Faith: Medieval Art from the Walters Art Museum was one that they had. Walters Art Museum is in Baltimore. We are currently studying Medieval history. The exhibit was very well done & they even had an illuminated manuscript (a Book of Hours) which was very exciting as we just studied how books were made. Although, I'm pretty sure I was much more excited than my boys. ;-)

I was very much taken with the white marble statues they had as well. Here is one that I thought just exquisitely done.

I really thought I could reach out & move that veil off her face. The draping & the details were extraordinary. These are the only photos I took since my camera does a very poor job with indoor lighting. My sister took a bunch though so I may post some more once I get copies from her.

There was far too much art to see in the 1-1/2 hours that we were there & the last half hour spent with my two youngest boys pulling on my hands asking was it time to go now???? ;-) Overall it was very well done & I would love to go back & wander around some all by myself. Although, my oldest son assures me he found it interesting as well. He was off with the older children so I didn't get to go through with him.

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  1. Those do look incredible. I'm glad the boys found it interesting for awhile. Did you ever make it to the Midevil thing at Knox's? I bet the boys are loving history this year!


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