Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog Roll - Part 2 - Art Themed

I'm trying to incorporate more art in our homeschool this year. This led me on a search for ideas. I have found some really great blogs. I mentioned one yesterday - Hearts and Trees. Here are some more that I like.

Art Projects for Kids I really like this blog - a lot. Some of the projects on here are way more advanced than I would ever attempt at home with my kids, but there a ton more on here that I just love. She has each post labeled by grade and/or artist so it's easy to find things that match up. I'm using Discovering Great Artists as our spine so this helps me to find projects if I don't like what the books is using. ::grin:: I'm also trying to add two random days of just fun art & that is where this blog comes in also. She has a ton of fun fall themed ideas on there now right at the top.

Art Smarts 4 Kids This blog shares not only art ideas but also historical information about various artists. It's a great way to fill in some of the blanks.

No Time for Flash Cards If you have a toddler or preschooler in your home, you MUST check out this blog. Along with 1+1+1=1 that I shared yesterday, THIS blog is another one I find inspiration on daily. The author has one son (I think he's 20 months) & she used to be a preschool teacher. Not only does she encourage him to paint and glue on his own (I admit it gives me the shivers to see LOL), but she also shares a book or two to go with each project. This is the reason I have a bunch of empty cereal/cracker boxes and various other boxes and tubes sitting in my foyer. They are there for "project" time with J. ;-)

Chasing Cheerios I've just discovered this blog in the last week. And I can't even remember now how I found it. I'm sure it was a link on another blog I read, but I don't remember which one. This is another great blog if you have small ones. She has a young daughter that she has started using Montessori inspired activities with. There are some really great ideas on here & it shows just how young children are when they start to learn. Jump out of your comfort zone & give some of it I try - I have. LOL

This last one isn't a blog. It's actually a weekly e-mail and it's fantastic. It's called Kids Craft Weekly. Again, my memory is gone (it's such a good thing I'm doing the Mega Memory Month Challenge!!) and I can't remember how I first heard of this e-mail, but I'm so glad I did. Each newsletter is full of themed crafts for various ages. This month it is on "wool." The author always showcases finished crafts done by those who have sent her e-mails and highlights various other crafty books for kids. I really love this one.

I'll be back tomorrow with more random ones.

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  1. Thanks for the blog roll! Some really good stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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