Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tot Time Fun

It's amazing how I view "trash" these days. ;-) My hubby loves to snack on trail mix & I've started putting it together myself so I have lots of nut cans these days. I've been using them for tot time with the girls. I've also been saving the tops off milk caps. They are sturdy plastic, round, and colorful. We buy 1% milk so have a blue top & the Miss H's mom sends whole milk for her to drink which gets us red caps. I just run them through the dishwasher to be sure they are super clean & we're good to go. I've been saving them now for a few weeks.

This morning I took a nut can & cut an extra large roundish hole in the cover. Then I gave Miss L the milk cap covers. She had a blast with them. She stacked them, held them in her hand, and yes, even put them in & out of the can.

This is when I knew it was time to dump them out again for her. ;-)

After about an hour of playing with various items in her high chair, I switched her out with Miss H. Miss L went in to the playpen for some play time and Miss H joined us at the table. I decided to try the same activity with Miss H to see how she did. Simply put - she did amazingly well. I just showed her once what to do & she took off with this.

I had to pull out the poker chips I have because Miss H was going through this so fast I couldn't keep up with her! This kept her occupied for at least 30 minutes - which in one-year-old time is the equivalent of two hours. In fact, she had such a great time with it we showed it off to her mom when she came to pick her up & I sent the milk caps home with her so she can make one of her own.
I also tried large popsicle sticks with Miss L with the other nut can that has the smaller slot in the top. She did pretty well this & we'll probably try it again. I pulled this out near the end of the morning so she only did this for about 15 minutes, but it seemed to work well.


  1. So much fun watching them discover isn't it?? Amazing how much fun activities you can come up with from "trash"???

  2. I just love little ones! They are so much fun to watch! You can see their little minds at work!

  3. I somehow missed that you were watching 2 girls. I thought you were just watching 1. Boy. You're BUSY!


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