Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun School

I'm attempting to follow a lesson plan this year. It's working - to some extent. However, I'm making this public since I talked to my sister this week & she thinks I'm awesome for this wonderful plan I'm following. I reminded her that it was my ideal day & I think I've only had ONE so far this year. ;-)

So today I spent the morning running errands. I only had Miss H with us & she had a great time going all over with us. I made a quick stop at the post office to mail a PBS book. Then I went to the bank to cash a check. Finally I headed over to the dump transfer station. They changed their days starting October 1st. What I didn't realize was that they had also changed their HOURS. ::sigh:: They used to be open from 7am to 4pm. Now they are open from 9:30am to 6pm. Guess what time I got in line...8:50. Ugh! I had no clue on the hours & after ten minutes & realizing that the line was NOT moving & that the gate was still CLOSED, I had B run over to the fence to check out the times. I was not going to sit there any longer waiting, so I turned around & went back in to town to get gas. This town has the cheapest around here ($3.35). By the time I got back in line (I hate waiting to get in to the dump transfer station!!) it was 9:26. Once we got moving it went fast. Although, I was a tad bit creeped out that the attendant recognized me & commented on me having the car rather than the truck. I guess I go there a lot! Actually, I do - every other week when our three trash cans are full.

Okay, I'm tired & rambling...back on subject!

We ended up getting home later than I had planned. I did not want to give the boys the day off but I figured we could do an easy fun day. So we did. I started by reading some fun books on fall and leaves.

N has been giving me some attitude lately about doing school. He doesn't like to sit and listen to me read books. ::gasp:: This is the first year I've made him sit with us for history. We don't do a ton of reading & I do try to break things up but I need to work on this a bit more. Anyway, we read the three books above & it didn't take long. Miss H joined us at the table & played with her nut can & poker chips. She listened intently to my reading as well.

When we were done, we did this project....Contour Fall Leaves. Although, I had my PC off and I couldn't find where I had printed out the directions and templates, so I had them go outside and just find two different shaped leaves. This seemed to work well for them. They both choose just two leaves, but I decided to do the project as well & did three. It was fun - at least I think so...

The only other things I had them do today were their AWANA verses, Math-U-See pages, music workbook and a history project. Oh & N did do his Explode the Code pages as well.

I gave them their choice of history projects. We are studying the middle ages and just read about how books were made. I had a print out of an illuminated letter. I told them they could either color that & add "gold leafing" to it with at gold marker or they could use ink & quills to write on parchment paper.

They chose the ink & quill project. It's a project I have in my Middle Ages kit from Hands and Hearts. I mixed up two cups of ink - one for each. Although, instead of using the feather that came with the kit, we used turkey feathers. We constantly find them in our driveway from the flock that hangs out around here. They worked wonderfully. I showed the boys how to use them. I had them copy their AWANA verses on to the paper. They found out just how difficult it was to write back then. N only got the reference and the first couple of works written before he finally stopped. B got further along but I took pity on them & let them get done for the day early.

So to anyone who reads my blog thinking I always get so much school work done....this is more of a typical day for me than my ideal day ever will be. ;-) The leaf project wasn't even on my planner - anywhere! We never did spelling or writing today. But it was a good day & I hope my boys found it to be a "fun school" day.


  1. Sounds like it was fun, I did that with the kids before we left. :)

  2. We need those kinds of days to keep us going!


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