Friday, October 3, 2008

Feelin' Femine Update

Almost a week ago I posted about my challenge to myself to wear a skirt or a dress for seven days straight. It was something Jill had mentioned over at her blog, Training Tons of Sons. I like reading her blog. She has five boys. I have three. Anyone with more boys than I, is a hero to me. ;-) Seriously. I have a friend IRL (who reads the blog but never leaves me a know who you are!) who has six boys!!! Her youngest is 11 & her older two are now married and she homeschooled them all at various times. She is definitely my hero. But I digress.

I started wearing a skirt on Saturday afternoon. I clean my hubby's grandmother's house once a week. It's a two hour job and it's hard work. I not only do general dusting and such (actually I pay my 12 year old to come with me to dust & vacuum) but I have to sweep and wash three floors. I'm typically a mess by the time I'm done. So I wore jeans. But I came home & showered & put on a skirt. I managed to make five out of the seven days. I just couldn't do it. Sad isn't it?

However, I did wear a skirt son's soccer practice on Tuesday (it was cold!!), to my MOPS meeting on Wednesday & even to go grocery shopping. Oh & I wore a skirt to my chiropractor's appointment!! I definitely wore a skirt more than ever before. I always had leggings or tights on underneath & I was pretty comfortable.

While I don't think I'll wear a skirt every day, I can definitely see myself wearing them more often. I did enjoy it. I even found a dress and a skirt for a whopping $2.37 TOTAL at the thrift store last Saturday. I love the thrift store. I actually spent way more on more leggings and tights than that dress & skirt! ;-)
I'm glad I did the challenge, but I probably won't wear a skirt or a dress every day. I like the comfort of my jeans too much.


  1. I have to give you credit, i couldn't wear skirts for 5 days let alone 7 days! I am not big on them either. I can manage once and awhile...meaning like once every couple of months. :) So WAY TO GO!

  2. Good job on being more aware of what you're wearing!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. I don't care much for dresses. I've been wearing two to work, but I wouldn't say I feel more feminine in them... It does make running to the bathroom VERY quick though!

    (Did I just say that?!)


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