Friday, October 3, 2008

HFH: Fat Ticker Friday

Hot for the Holidays

This week's challenge was this....

"During your workouts this week, at least once, venture out of your comfort zone and PUSH IT. I mean, really push it, push your reps, push your "limit" on how long you run or how fast, walk for longer than you've ever walked before, something. Not to make your body fold, no, that's not the point. The point is to become conscious of what's "normal" for you, and exceed that, just a little. Show yourself that your body can do amazing things if you want it to."

I don't remember really pushing it, but I have been upping the ante when I can. I typically take a two mile walk each day with my kiddos - mine & borrowed. ;-) The babies are in a double jogger stroller so I've started jogging a bit with them. They love it. My boys love it. I'm not quite so fond of it, but I do it. This week I did jog more than I have in the past. I also will do lunges while I'm walking. I love this stroller. It's tall & I don't have to bend at all to use it. And that's saying something considering I'm only 5'3" (at least that is what I claim! LOL). One really big thing I did...I didn't get a walk in Wednesday because it rained all day long. So once the babies went home & the boys had eaten supper, I did a video walk out - a three mile walk video! I never would have done that in the past...never! I think that helped a lot.

This week I am down a pound. I'm thrilled. I'm seeing a number on the scale that I haven't seen in two YEARS! I have also met my 10 pound mark. I'm TEN POUNDS down from my highest weight. I've lost two pounds since starting the Hot for the Holidays challenge, but considering I was "stuck" at a weight for months, I'm thrilled with this. There is something about having to publicly admit if I've lost or gained that is keeping me motivated.


  1. I'm so proud of you! Good Job! I am starting to get more excerise, as I have to take Hunter to the bus stop and pick him up. I could drive, but been forcing myself to walk. I'm not sure yet how far it is, but it is far enough...estimating at least 4 blocks if not 5. ;)

  2. Way to go Lisa! You did much better than I did this week. I fell of the wagon head first! LOL I didn't exercise one iota! I need to hop back on this week, and you inspired me :)



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