Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Finished Blankets

I've been talking the last month about the blankets I've been making for Brady's Smile.

I started with a big pile of fleece. I bought some sweet baby fleece & then some really cute froggy fleece (the camo like one). Finally I bought some woodland animals and bunnies. I had to refrain from buying more! There is some really cute fleece prints out there.

Then I set up my four foot adjustable table all the way up. It was perfect for me so I didn't have to bend while I was cutting. My MIL even helped with the project. The first set of fleece I had bought I had them cut in 1/2 yard increments. It made them too narrow so I ended up cutting them in half & my MIL sewed for me so they were more square-like. ;-)

This is the pile of mostly finished blankets. I will be mailing off seven finished blankets this week (once I find a box to fit them). I had a lot of fun making the blankets & I was glad they are going to a little baby in the NICU.

My last child spent a week in NICU for various reasons. None were life threatening although it was very overwhelming at the time due to lack of sleep & a very long labor. It was strange to see my 10 lb 3 oz bouncing baby boy in the NICU with all these little itty bitty tiny preemies. Thankfully he is fine now & was fine as soon as left to go home, but I had a small glimpse in to what it must be like to have to spend months at a time there. I'm glad I was able to help out in some small way & look forward to making more Brady Blankets in the future.


  1. I've been sewing baby blankets recently--flannel ones, for newborn kits my church distributes. I hadn't heard of Brady's Smile before but it looks like a wonderful project.

  2. One of my best friends baby had to be in the NICU cause he was a preemie. He was there a little over a month, and it was very hard to leave him in portland and come home to Embden when we went to visit him. I can't imagine people having to do it for even longer than that. Anywho, having experience with that, I just wanted to say I think what you have made is just amazing. So thoughtful, and caring. :) They came out beautiful! Great Job!


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